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Cramps and spotting 5w1d

2021.12.06 19:57 sar4720 Cramps and spotting 5w1d

Looking for some hope even though I’m pretty sure I know what’s happening. I found out I was pregnant on Thanksgiving and I’ve had progressively darker tests and on and off nausea/food aversions up until Saturday (4w6d). Yesterday (Sunday) I felt better than I have - more energy, no nausea, and when I took a test it was a bit lighter than Saturday. At 3am last night I work up with pretty bad cramps but no bleeding at that point, I was hoping it was just gas pains or normal cramping that I’ve had on and off. Cramps on and off all day and then at 3pm today noticed some brownish spotting. Not a lot but cramps have continued and now it really feels like my period is coming. I know spotting and cramping can be normal but with this time frame and less symptoms and lighter tests I’m thinking it’s going to end up not well, but I’m wondering if anyone has experienced this and went on to have a healthy pregnancy?
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2021.12.06 19:57 EpaTipoIsso Happy independence day from Portugal

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2021.12.06 19:57 ImpulseValex Mobius Sticking Her Tounge Out

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2021.12.06 19:57 0ctoGen_ Reply with this if cummy bot ever comments anywhere.

If cummybot99999 is reading this..
Go fuck your self I hope you die a slow and painful death. Better question does your head make that empty jug sound when wind blows over your ear? That’s how fucking dumb you are. You even single-handedly ruined the whole fucking planet just by existing, for example, the same nano-second you appeared. That one nanosecond you appeared was the moment world hunger- YOU HEARD ME, WORLD FUCKING HUNGER-appeared. It’s even the same second the climate started heating. Because of you, life for everyone is so fucking miserable. Im not even gonna continue at this point because everyone knows how bad you are and plus I don’t have time for this shit it’s just a waste of time even starting this conversation I hate my fucking life and you should too goodbye
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2021.12.06 19:57 -Agent-47_ I HATE CHEEZE ITS

hi aka bot
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2021.12.06 19:57 Ray-Banned sup

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2021.12.06 19:57 madicee_TA My boss got mad at me for clocking out on time even after I told her that I had a doctor’s appointment, says I’m “leaving early”

I work a part-time seasonal retail job at a pretty large mall. My boss has us send her a text to start our shift (basically just saying that we’re there and we’re starting work) and then call her to clock out.
Today I was scheduled to open today and work 10-3. I had a tele-health appointment at 4:00 and it’s a 35 minute drive back home. I called at 3:00 to clock out, as I’m scheduled to. She says, “Oh, you’re leaving early?” I told her that was my scheduled shift end, she says she “joking” but then proceeds to ask me if I can stay later. I start to say that I have an appointment but only got two words out before she interrupts me and says that as it’s the holiday season the store is going to be busy (which is ironic because it’s literally Monday and it’s been super dead the entire six hours) and that I should expect to stay past me scheduled time pretty much any time I’m working. She then lets me say what I need to say (“I can’t stay late today I have an appointment at 4:00”) and then she just gets more frustrated. She tells me that this is the third time she’s told me that I should expect to stay late. I tell her that this was the only appointment available and that I couldn’t miss it and she’s still just huffy and angry that I’m trying to leave at my scheduled time. She literally says “Fine, just go” and I end the call.
I drive home super frustrated because it feels really unfair what she said to me. I can understand staying maybe like an extra hour is it was busy and I didn’t have anything going on, but I literally had entire 30 minute periods where the store was totally empty and I’ve never experienced that, AND I had a doctors appointment, a psych appointment at that. I’ve been dealing with some major depression and a lot of uncertainty about my life and my future and honestly the only reason I have this job is because I have been having so much trouble finding a job that I can start my career off of (I’m a recent college grad) and I just need some sort of income for the time being until I could find something relevant. My insecurity for my future is really the main thing that has been affecting my mental health lately but honestly I feel like even though some income is better than no income I’d rather be broke and not depressed. It feels pretty horrible to have my boss get mad at me for trying to take control of my health, even though I didn’t tell her what the appointment was for (and she doesn’t need to know anyway). I don’t want to be lectured the way I was today. It felt like I should be sacrificing my health for a measly part-time mall job, which is a ridiculously unfair trade. I’ve only been working for three weeks, which I’m assuming is why I’m being lectured on this so much, and my coworkers who have been there longer have said that she does ask them stay late quite often. My manager (who was there with me) said that I didn’t have to worry about that because she’ll let me go if she thinks it’s okay for me to go. She agreed with me that my boss’s expectations in this situation are ridiculous and we also had a discussion where my boss wants me to start coming in earlier even on slower days and that request being unnecessary and unreasonable as well.
Honestly I’m just so frustrated. I almost want to just quit to be honest. We just had another employee quit because of a conversation with our boss and I can definitely see why. I know I haven’t had work in a while (I worked a little during my second-to-last year of school but quit because my last year was crazy) but honestly this is literally just something to pass the time and not something I’m incredibly invested in. I could probably easily get another job at the same mall, even, as a lot of the other stores are hiring right now too.
Am I overreacting or overthinking this? This whole thing has just kind of rubbed me the wrong way and I don’t know what I should do.
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2021.12.06 19:57 _IODM_ Finally got ‘em all

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2021.12.06 19:57 EhThisaThrowaway people who love their jobs. what is it that you do?

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2021.12.06 19:57 VangelisTrick How to convert this c++ if...else to sheets formula

if (t>=5 && e>=5){ cout << "Pass Both"; }else if (t<5 && e<5){ cout << "Failed Both"; }else if (t>=5 && e<5){ cout << "Failed e"; }else if (t<5 && e>=5){ cout << "Failed t"; } 
How to write this logic on the sheets formula, i've been trying to do it for 3 hours and i am always getting #ERROR!
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2021.12.06 19:57 Azurebluenomad China will regret weaponizing sports

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2021.12.06 19:57 JoshTheEngineer Are these API calls concurrent or do I need to restructure my code to make use of async?

Here's a link to my code.
I'm trying to learn async/tokio by making concurrent calls to an API that fills a VecDeque with random values from a QRNG. Are these API requests async because I used .await at the end, or do I need to create an async fn and run that in the while loop?
Do I need to use something else from the tokio library to make these get requests concurrent?
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2021.12.06 19:57 otb_only Bodava withdraw?

Quick question what’s the easiest way to withdraw money from bovada? Sorry I know this question is asked over and over again
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2021.12.06 19:57 Leprechaun63 Any idea what could be causing this? Any help appreciated!

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2021.12.06 19:57 notfaketittes why are cats like this)

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2021.12.06 19:57 Greedy-Employment-12 Mega steelix raid on me 0732 9873 4362

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2021.12.06 19:57 Deskuenta Marketing Beginner exam 7th December 15:00 - 16:20 60$

It will be a really simple marketing exam, no notes needed for the exam.
Please only real people interested message me, don't waste my time (too much time on Reddit)
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2021.12.06 19:57 ohboicheeze Is anti-semitism sometimes taken out of proportion?

I know that title probably sounds bad, but I didn’t know how else to put it. I don’t have any negative intentions with this post and am just curious, so I’m sorry if this comes across as rude or ignorant to some.
I recently saw a tiktok about different things to help Jewish people operate elevators and other devices on sabbath without breaking their laws, and quite a few people were questioning those practices in the comments. Of course, they were called out for anti-Semitic comments, which is understandable. But it got me thinking about how I, as a Christian have had people question and criticize our practices, and no one seems to care.
Is it just me, or does criticism of religions such as Judaism and Islamism draw more flak than criticism of religions like Christianity or Catholicism?
Again, I want to make sure everyone knows this post isn’t meant in any negative way, so please don’t resort to hate in the comments!
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2021.12.06 19:57 InfiniteRest5594 DoDonPachi Resurrection v1.0.0 [NSP]

DoDonPachi Resurrection v1.0.0 [NSP] Seek, and you shall find.
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2021.12.06 19:57 TheRecycledMale It's rotten to the core: Hedge-fund pioneer Michael Steinhardt surrenders 180 stolen antiquities valued at $70 million, Manhattan DA Vance says

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2021.12.06 19:57 squid_squirt I would never...

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2021.12.06 19:57 Disastrous_Pickle_69 What is your weirdest fantasy?

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2021.12.06 19:57 ReplacementBreif57 Give me 3 emojis,a gender,and a aesthetic and ill make an OC with them!

Lol I'm bored.So comment or I will pull out your throat like a seagull
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2021.12.06 19:57 PlentyHighlight5124 Might be a glimmer of hope maybe a bottom at 22? Fundamentals are bad but the chart is even worst.

Below the 50 and 200 day, the 50 is below the 200 which is never good til it isn't. We are 12 of the last 15 trading days. Fundamentals are bad with the never ending jaw boning on raising rates, Goodluck with that. Slowing world economy with total lockdowns in many countries. Which puts silver pretty in oversupply. Don't really see any positive news currently in the silver market. Well maybe that retail silver is readily available, except for the outlandish premiums
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2021.12.06 19:57 Bubblystrings Yall remember that one time Bill Pullman manifested himself from nowhere and became Olivia's boyfriend? What the heck was that about?

Title, really. I've always wondered what was going on there. He was a very well known actor, they did nothing with his character, and then he was gone. Also, for some reason Olivia barely seemed to like him, which was weird. Was there some sort of background reason for his appearance? Like he was friends with the writers or he needed to promote some long-since forgotten TV show that was going to be airing in the next time slot? Or did they have plans for him as a recurring character that just didn't pan out, a la Paula Patton?
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