Do you keep complying?

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2021.12.06 20:19 sniperking6868 I don't know what to do

so me (18M), and my girlfriend (19F) have been going out for 2 year now she has autism, and i always buy her things for holidays, birthday all that kind of stuff, and so far we just kiss and hug. When ever i come over which is every other weekend she's in her room and i'm in the living room. I want to be able to hang out more, and hold hands that kind of thing, and when i brought up that we should hold hands she said she's not ready, and in my head i'm like when are you going to be ready? because I don't want to wait forever, and i'm just not sure what to do? i'm thinking about braking up, but i really don't want to, but I feel i'm like my needs aren't being met, so it's only her way, so i'm stuck not sure what to do, also we go to school, and same classroom, so if anyone could help me I would like that very much
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I have a lot of experience helping students with their Java programming courses including: ​

What services I provide:
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Earlier today Braxia hit 8.5 cents a share for a 14.31 million dollar market cap (Canadian prices.)
The total value of all of their assets minus debts is 14.34 million.
So the market is saying Braxia is worth less than if you literally sold off the things that they own, paid their debts, and kept the cash?
What about their funded trials, growing revenues, government grants, etc?
Meanwhile Numinus burns cash at 4x the rate, and is worth over 7x as much?
I have 200,000 shares at an average of $0.28 and I’m not going anywhere.
Keep on trucking.
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I bought the Ultimate DLC and I built the radio tower, but the new quest hasn't activated for me. Several weeks have gone by. Does anyone know when it kicks in? Does having the Doomsday Bunker prevent the quest from starting?
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doing horrible this wipe need a carry or just a partner
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2021.12.06 20:18 mango-potato8808 Is a 1070 ti or a 2070 better

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2021.12.06 20:18 Curious_Tie_9397 [QUESTION] Would Cornell students use an app that lets you study together with other students via silent video calls?

I’m a London-based Master’s student who currently finds it difficult concentrating for longer periods of time and finding daily motivation. I’m normally very organised, have the will to learn and the desire to achieve good grades (scored a 1st/5.0 GPA in my BSc). But the remote-learning environment due to COVID-19 decreases my accountability, productivity and makes me feel socially isolated.
The idea would be to:

  1. Match verified students (i.e. you sign up with your university e-mail) on a video call
  2. Study silently side-by-side (on mute) by leaving video running in the background
  3. Finish the study session
You can find my MVP here. What do you think? Does this already exist at Cornell? Happy to chat over Zoom to explore this idea further.
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2021.12.06 20:18 PulpforCulture I always chose Drowning, until the day I actually Drowned Part II

Part 1
Looking back at all my old blog posts feels me with a great sadness. Seeing how lively and wanderlust I was, the complete opposite of how I am now. All those old feelings and excitement stare back at me through the screen and I can feel them laughing at me. "You should've just let the water take you. what have you actually done with your life? Nothing! Might as well be dead already!"
And then the feelings of the water start to wash over me again, I swear it sounds crazy, but looking back through my last few posts, I can feel the coldness of the waves. The sound of it calling me towards it, just the faintest of sound, but I can tell it is there, even now.
Here are my final two blog entries of my theoretical time with Lisa and how we both came to share an experience, an experience that only I was lucky enough to survive. An experience that changed me forever and I deeply regret. Sometimes, I wonder, is it easier to just live in ignorant bliss than to discover the truth?
**The Tragic Passing of Lisa Silver Part 3 (The Backstory)**
June 21, 2010
Good day friends, I hope your week has been well so far. We’ve had unusually perfect weather the last few days and the local swimming pools and lakes have been jam packed. I myself was able to get out and enjoy a day on the lake with my family the other day, but as I sat on the boat with sun burnt skin, I couldn’t help but feel my mind drift back to Lisa Silver and the quarry.
It’s been almost two weeks now and most of the town has already moved on to the next big tragedy, “Two teens dead in a drunk driving accident.” Yes, while that is terribly sad, it doesn’t have the same mystique or ambiguity that surrounds Lisa’s demise. As I prepared to jump off the boat and into the water, something strange happened. I was immediately paralyzed with fear, unable to move or speak as a massive chill went straight down my spine.
Just as I prepared to leap, the image of Lisa’s bloated and dirt covered face seemed to emerge from the depths of the water and watch me, waiting for me to jump. Although the water was clear, my mind went back to the blackness Katie described and the sound she heard, the sound of a million damned souls begging and pleading for another, just one more, to join their ranks. I eventually managed to overcome this sudden bout of strange fear and enjoyed my time in the water thoroughly. Still, the fact that this young girl's death is having such a profound impact on me is strange. I feel like a little kid again, scared of the monster in the closest that my brother constantly terrorized me with.
As soon as I got home from the lake, I immediately sat down and began typing up a little bit of history surrounding the final resting place of Lisa Silver. But to my sadness, it seems to be the resting place of FAR more than just her. I guess jumping right into it, we should go back to the beginning, the start of this small little town.
In the 18th century, the Cherokee had migrated down from the Great Lakes and set up settlement in what would become modern day Knoxville, which at the time they called the land Kuwanda’talun’yi (apologies, I have no idea how to pronounce it),which means “Mulberry Place”. Being the dominant tribe in the area, they had settlements all over the place. I was able to find a small map laying out where most of them were, as expected the dots riddled the map, except for one small area, right around Reed’s Quarry.
I dug a little deeper at the local library in town, but was unable to come up with a given explanation as to why, considering the quarry would logically be the ideal spot. Sheltered from storms by the large rock faces, a fresh water source and plenty of animals around for food. At a dead end, I moved on to looking into some of the other tribes in the area and was able to get a little bit more details. The Creeks, Shawnee and Ojibwe set up settlements as well around the area, but none around the quarry. Turf wars were common among the tribes due to the amount of people in the area, even with such a perfect area away from the others, no tribe bothered to settle near that damn quarry. I was able to find probably the first name ever assigned to it, by the Ojiwe. Asabikeshinh, which from what I piece together basically translates to “Inanimate Spider”, which in modern times would translate to “Dreamcatcher”.
Now this bit of info was interesting to me, mainly because I associate a dreamcatcher, like most people, with catching bad dreams. Leaving only the good ones behind for us to experience, except reading a little bit more into the Ojibwe culture, it seems there may have been a much more sinister meaning behind it. Dreamcatchers weren’t just associated with dreams, but spirits as well. Having the ability to trap the souls of the deceased as they attempted to pass from this world into the next, the tribe would often hang them above those close to death in order to perform a blessing ritual upon the catcher to ensure a safe and guaranteed trip to the peaceful side of the afterlife for their loved one. However, should the ritual be incomplete, the spirit will remain trapped. Unable to move on from this life and into the next, stuck in a sort of purgatory, a type of purgatory that would make even the gentlest of spirits grow mean and bitter after so long. Reading on, I found a small quote from a white settler who spoke briefly with the tribes about their reason for avoiding the quarry, which part of the quote in modern terms roughly translates to “ The Catcher of Hell.”
I couldn’t find much more info after that, there seems to be a blank slate between the tribes and the first reported deaths to occur in the quarry. Starting from the earliest mentions I could find, in 1865, the two youngest Delshire boys drowned after falling off a small embankment while out for a walk with their mother. For the most part, most deaths reported seem like standard accidents. Over 400 people have drowned in those waters since the 1800’s and those are just the reported ones, I did hear a rumor from our old librarian, Mr. Dunbar, the rival tribes back in the day would throw the bodies of their barely alive enemies into the quarry, to allow them a slow and drawn out drowning, but again, that’s just a rumor. Still, a few incidents did stick out to me when reading up on the history.
In 1917, several kids were out playing at the quarry after school. One ten year old boy, named Bobby Owens “fell” off the side of a rock face and into the depths below. Yes he drowned like the others before him. But what made this case in particular stand out to me was the fact that when his body was discovered a few hours later, he was laying on a dry piece of exposed rock under the side of the cliff face. The autopsy later revealed water in his lungs, enough to cause what is known as “Dry Drowning”, basically the poor boy suffered for hours in pain, experiencing the feeling of drowning without actually being in the water. Tufts of hair were clenched in both of his fists, police say he probably pulled them out due to stress as he writhed in pain. I say “fell” due to the fact that several children witnessed “The water pull him in by itself.”
Not long after little Bobby, Starting in 1933, children began disappearing throughout the town. Boys and Girls no older than seven would vanish walking home from school, playing in the woods or from their own backyards. For almost eight months, the town lived in fear as the hunt for the children grew to include every neighboring town in a 100 mile radius. Eventually in the winter of ‘33, several laborers stopped local artist Thad Garris from dragging a screaming 10 year old girl into his car and held him down until police arrived and arrested him. After several hours of questioning, Garris, who had remained silent since being brought in, willingly led police to the location of the childrens’ bodies. Saying he didn’t speak up sooner as he, “Needed to give them time to devour the last child he abducted.” Leading them to the quarry, Garris pointed to several spots out towards the middle of the lake. Police believed he killed the children and dumped their bodies at the quarry. However, much to their horror, upon breaking below the surface of the water they discovered the bodies of 6 children tied at the ankles to several large rocks. All perfectly healthy, with no other injuries, left to slowly drown. The most chilling fact about this story is that Garris left the children's hands free, giving them just enough slack to stick their tiny hands through the top of the water, air and freedom just out of reach.
First responder, Matthew Tolbit, gave a quote after recovering the bodies stating, “All of them died with their eyes open and their mouths gaped wide, almost like a silent scream. Their heads were all tilted towards the surface, even in death, it looked like they desperately wanted to be free from that underwater hell.” Garris never gave a motive to why, other than saying it was because, “It made their crying stop.” He was declared legally insane and sentenced to a mental hospital, but he didn’t last long before he committed suicide by biting open his own wrists and bleeding to death.
First responder, Matthew Tolbit, gave a quote after recovering the bodies stating, “All of them died with their eyes open and their mouths gaped wide, almost like a silent scream. Their heads were all tilted towards the surface, even in death, it looked like they desperately wanted to be free from that underwater hell.” Garris never gave a motive to why, other than saying it was because, “It made their crying stop.” He was declared legally insane and sentenced to a mental hospital, but he didn’t last long before he committed suicide by biting open his own wrists and bleeding to death.
The violent history of the quarry has led to it becoming the stuff of legends, even I used to hear ghost stories about the spirits that roamed the woods around it at night. Such was the case of Paula Libby, who in 1969, was raped and murdered by a drifter. Her body was cut into pieces and wrapped in plastic before being discarded into the water. My older brother tormented me with stories about how Paula’s torso would drag itself through the woods at night searching for children to steal limbs from, so she could rebuild herself, piece by piece. Still, like the legend of Paula or the tragic murders/accidents in years past, the quarry has proven itself time and time again as to why we still talk about it. A powerhouse of violent activity. I’m not usually one to be superstitious, but, from what I’ve gathered from movies and tv shows, places where violent acts have occurred are often hot spots from malevolent spirits. Maybe the quarry is our answer to Amityville or maybe it’s just a convenient and popular space for bad people to do bad things.
I will say following my research into the looking glass that is the quarry, I feel an even deeper sadness for Lisa and her family. Another beautiful and hopeful soul, whose legacy will be lost and dissolved into the hundreds of other legacies that ended in the water. Together they make up the history of that place, Lisa’s is just the current one stacked on top of many, but, if you believe history repeats itself, she will quickly be usurped for top spot. It’s not a matter of if someone else will die there…. But when.
I think in order to put closure to my growing fascination with this place, I myself need to pay a visit to it. See with my own eyes, the place that has ended so many lives, broken so many families and continues to endure through all of time passing. It’s not like I have never been to the quarry, I used to go often as a kid and teenager, I myself cannot personally recall anything out of the ordinary in my time spent there. I believe going there to visit, the spot where Lisa died, will be almost like seeing my grandmother in her casket. Although I knew she was dead for days before the funeral, it didn’t actually hit me, the gravity of the situation, until I saw her lying there in the funeral home. Dressed out in her favorite outfit, the smell of embalming fluid, prevalent, even with the perfume they had on her. That’s when I was able to finally move on and accept her fate. I believe the same thing can be said about Lisa, although I did not know her, I feel like I have become too invested in her story and the story of so many others to simply close my computer and walk away from it without any sort of satisfying resolution.
I plan to visit the quarry very soon. I will update this blog series one final time to report what I felt and experienced there. It’s funny, even though this is a place that has brought many sorrows, it is also a place that has brought many joys, including to myself. I am almost anxious to see if revisiting, after learning everything I have, will change my perception of how I see this, this place. Until next time, take care and remember, never judge a book by its cover.
**The Tragic Passing of Lisa Silver Part 4 (The Visit)**
August 24, 2010
Hello everyone, I hope you accept my apologies for taking so long to update this blog. The last few weeks have been very hectic, not only in terms of my job and other personal matters, but also, I’ve been trying to collect my thoughts and feelings about my experience at the quarry. Shortly after I posted my last blog update, Things were already not off to a good start. My younger cousin was killed in a drunk driving accident on the 27th of June. That hit me pretty hard, mainly because like Lisa Silver, he seemed to have such a bright future mapped out ahead of him. Track star, just shy of graduating high school next semester, already excited about potential colleges. I remember how happy my aunt was whenever she bragged about him, the first person in our family to go to college. Seeing her at the funeral talk about those same aspirations was heart wrenching, because unlike the times before when she spoke with optimism and pride about the future, this time she spoke with grief and longing about what could’ve been.
I spent several days after the funeral, mulling over his death and thinking about the fact that he truly is gone forever. Which is something I don’t think really hits a lot of people, it’s different whenever it’s someone who has led a full life and passes away in their 70’s or 80’s. But when it’s a person who’s barely been alive long enough to know what life truly is, there’s tragedy behind it. It’s surreal to realize we’ll never get to see them grow older or get married or do so many things for the first time. I remember how excited he was to finally be able to get out of this town after high school, but now, now he’s stuck here forever.
Sorry to bore you with my personal woes, but I felt like it was necessary to tell you as it really gave me a better understanding of Lisa and her family's grief. The gravity behind the situation, her death and those of the countless others who’ve perished there, all of them were complex human beings with complex lives and to think that everything all of them have experienced and went through or felt is collected in that small body of water. It really puts into perspective how small the world truly is.
After several days of being depressed, I finally sat out to visit the quarry. It was the 8th of July when I decided to go, Right at 8pm, the time of Lisa’s passing. When I arrived there, nothing seemed out of the ordinary, few people remained other than myself and a couple of other younger people scattered around the entrance. It was definitely a summer night, the humidity was heavy the moment I stepped out of the car. I made my way down the path and deeper into the thick brush, the path Katie described the girls took is one I’m quite familiar with myself. It was a place some friends of mine in high school would take me so we could smoke a little, it is definitely a bit more isolated than the rest of the quarry and seems to be a sort of secret hide out passed along between the youth of Knoxville.
After fighting my way through the trees that blocked the barely visible path (This is a little later in the year than when Lisa was here, my ignorant self forgot to take into account it gets dark sooner) I finally broke through to the beach, a small beach, but just enough room to lay down. I will admit the scene felt very surreal and ominous. Standing in the spot where Lisa met her end, where her dreams and future were cut short. Police tape had remained up over the area for several days, but seeing a half torn piece cling to a nearby tree, I figured some teens had already forgotten the tragedy and moved on to returning to their happy hiding spot. The sun had gone down enough that it cast a bluish filter over everything, a few small waves splashed against the shore. It was definitely peaceful, but, maybe it was just my imagination, there seemed to be a very sinister undertone to the whole area. I’m not sure how to describe it really other than just pure dread like something bad was about to happen. Again, I figured this was just my overactive imagination. It's half expecting poor Paula to jump out from the water any minute and half expecting me to take my clothes off and go for a dip.
For a while I mostly just stood there in place, zoned out of this world and into one of my own creations. Plenty of thoughts flashed through my head, including ones of grandeur . What if I had just been there that day? I could’ve saved Lisa, or what if I was there when all those kids were killed? How different would their lives be? Would they all live long and healthy lives or would fate just come and take them not long after? How different would the world be with them in it...even if just for a couple more years?
I closed my eyes and tried to take in everything I was experiencing. The sand beneath my shoes, the soft heated breeze in my face and the sound….the sound. Around this time is when I noticed the noises around me, or lack thereof. I opened my eyes and looked around for a bit, the sky now having turned everything a much darker shade of blue, making it harder to see. Nothing, not a sound, no birds or bugs or the echoes of chatter from other people. All of this I tried to rationalize with the fact that I was there too early for the bugs and too late for the people, but looking down is when I noticed something that just felt off to me. The small waves had completely stopped, the water was still and silent now. I looked out towards the middle of the lake, the moon only providing the faintest outline of rocks and reflections off the water and almost immediately the overwhelming feeling of danger came over me. Nothing was really out of the ordinary, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that at any moment someone or something was going to jump out towards me, from the woods or from the water. I wouldn’t say it felt like I was being watched, mainly because it didn’t feel like a singular thing had its eyes on me. Instead, it felt like dozens of things had their sights towards me, things that didn’t move or make a sound, just watching.
Paranoia definitely started to sink in quickly ,all of those stories I had read about that place came back to me in vivid details. The children's hands spasmed at the surface of the water as they desperately fought for air. Little Bobby writhed and twisted with pain as he failed to breathe due to his water filled lungs. Paula cried in agony as her killer took his time dismembering her alive. Lisa died with her eyes open, wild and full of terror.
It was around this point that it started, the high pitched whistle. It sounded faint at first, but grew slightly louder and more clear the closer it seemed to get. It sounded like a fisherman whistling an old song he’d heard long ago, it sounded like it was coming from around the bend of the quarry. Any minute now and I would see what was making the sound appear from around the corner. But I didn’t, Instead the sound came around the corner and closer towards me. I tried my hardest to squint into the darkness and see what seemed to be right in front of me, the moon giving me just the faintest of light. Blurry shapes and melted colors made it difficult, but I swear I could see something, standing, not in a boat, but out directly in the middle of the lake.
Something tall and slender, standing perfectly straight and still. I leaned closer hoping to let my eyes adjust and see if what I was staring at was real or just my imagination. My body seemed ready to run the second I confirmed what it was I was looking at, except just as I thought I had a clear image made out, the whistling grew clear as day. But this time, I knew exactly where it was coming from, it was coming from directly beside me.
At this point I almost seemed to wake from a daze, but frozen in place as the worst chill I’ve ever experienced ran through my entire body like a lightning bolt. I wanted to just run like a bat out of hell back towards my car, but found it near impossible to move from the spot I was in. I looked on either side of me but saw nothing, nothing but a darkly lit forest. I began to feel the heaviest pressure I have ever felt on my back, almost as if something had climbed on top of me and was using all its might to press me down towards the ground. Imagine the worst case of humidity you’ve ever felt and amplify it by a hundred, it was starting to get really hard to breathe, each breath felt hot and heavy as I tried to suck in just a drop of fresh clean air, but found nothing. I looked back out towards the middle of the lake to see if the figure was still there, but I couldn't make out anything, no shapes or features. The light was completely gone now, the line where the lake began and the sand ended no longer existed. Everything was now simply a Vast Dark Void.
This is where sheer terror and panic began to set in, I could feel my breathing getting heavier and faster. But every hot breath I took made it feel more and more impossible to get a full gulp of air down, it definitely wasn’t a fun experience and made me start to understand what Katie must’ve gone through down there. The water, I couldn't see the water, no matter how much I squinted or tried to focus on what was in front of me. I eventually managed to fumble my phone out of my pocket, but even with the small light it provided I couldn't see more than 2 feet in front of me. I was able to get some feeling back into my body and started to move around a bit more, that’s when I noticed the wetness.
My feet squished into the mud as I could hear the slushing of my legs moving back and forth in the water. I’m not exactly sure how I don’t remember walking into the water or how until that moment, I was unable to feel its icy sting against my skin, a cold shackle wrapped around me. I could feel my throat drop into my stomach almost immediately as I looked down to find myself knee deep in the water, the light from my phone only dimly lighting up the murky green water as my feet disappeared into it. That’s when the whistling grew louder, but at this point it was no longer a whistle, but a cry. A faint cry of many different individuals, echoing off the cliff sides as it moved closer towards me. Looking out to where I believe the middle of the lake was, I could hear them, all of them, crying out from underneath the surface. I couldn’t hear any audible words being spoken, but in my head I could hear it. Please, come closer. Stay, just for a little while longer. You need to get deeper, deeper! DEEPER! Like hosts urging you to stay at their party just for a bit longer, long enough to get you drunk, long enough, so you have no choice but to stay.
I won’t say I felt them, their hands, tugging at my feet. It didn’t feel like anything physical, it felt more like something was brushing up against my feet, the water tugging on my ankles and tickling my leg hair. A few times it seemed that something managed to get enough strength to wrap a hand around my ankle, getting just a good enough grip to slightly tug me towards the deeper part of the dark water. But when I tugged myself back and resisted, it seemed to dissipate and vanish, only to be replaced with another and then another and then another. Hands and only god know what else slithering its way towards me from the lake. The noise was no longer faint, it grew loud, seemingly raising its head from the water. Dozens upon dozens of agonizing wails of sorrow and pleading. Please stay, don’t leave us alone. It’s so cold down here, and dark. We can’t breathe, it hurts to try. Please help us to breathe. Words that seemed to be telepathically communicated to me, words that I felt rather than heard.
In an instant, the voices seem to take on a more sinister tone as they became forceful with their pleads that soon turned to demands. I honestly can't tell you what happened next, was I pulled into the depths? Did I trip? Was I pushed? All I can tell you is that almost immediately, it Hurt.
The icy sting of the water, penetrating my skin like a thousand needle pricks, the fighting urge to keep from inhaling too much water. Not able to see, but nothing but the darkness below me. The crying now deafening as the thousands of voices yelled with eagerness now that they had me. Please! Stay! All their hands tugging at me, pulling me towards the bottom, deeper and deeper.
Katie was right, it hurts so bad. The feeling off desperately trying to keep the water out of your mouth, fighting all of your natural urges to just open your mouth and gulp down the air. The tiny bits of water that seep in and shoot down into your lungs, each one feeling like a burning dart to the chest, and with each one, your lungs grow heavier. The feeling of wanting to cry, cry out for god to save you, but God can't hear you under the water. He can't hear you, so just give into the depths, please.
Against all odds, after what felt like days trapped floating in the water, I was able to break free from whatever trance I seemed to be under and quickly slushed through the mud as I made my way back to shore. The cries grew louder and frantic as I broke free from the water. Please! Don’t leave us, it hurts, the water. Help us breathe! Moans and wails growing frantic and animalistic in tone as they stayed in the water, unable to go on land. After getting a short distance back towards the forest line, the cries grew faint and seemed to get dragged back into the depths of the quarry, back into the black cold abyss. Katie was right, it did almost seem like a wall was formed between the shore and the surface of the water. A protective layer to trap in the dead, or maybe the living.
I finally decided, now that I was free from whatever hold the quarry seemed to have on me, that it was time to go. I managed to fight my way through the overgrown trail in the darkness, not really caring too much about the dozens of scratches and cuts I was receiving on my arms, legs and face. The fear and anxiety I was feeling outweighed the stinging little gashes being left in my body. I was able to get back to the main trail and decided I could finally relax, I was away from the water and the people that resided inside of it. I took a couple of minutes to calm myself down and just breathe, it felt good to get air back into my body without struggling too much. I decided to take my time and walk back to the car, it was only about a half mile away and the stars were finally starting to come out, which thinking back on it now, was something I did not notice at first. Near the quarry, the sky was black and devoid of any form of light, but back on the main trail, it seemed the sky was bright and alive with the moon and stars. No more than five steps into my trek back to my car, I heard it. Thrashing, something disturbing the water from the spot of Lisa's demise. Through the woods I could hear it, something seemed to crawl or maybe scurry out of the water. Its limbs mushed into the thick mud near the shoreline, water echoing off the rock face as it dripped off the thing's body. There was a slight pause of silence, everything in the world seemed to go mute as I stood frozen and listening, listening to see if my mind was playing tricks on me, listening to see if whatever it was that drug itself from the quarry was coming my way.
Nothing, no sound, no movement came from anywhere. The only thing that grew loud being my own heart rate and the amount of dread that came rushing towards me from within the woods. I started my walk back up as I picked up pace to get back as quickly as I could, only deciding not to break into a full sprint due to the overwhelming fear that something would race out of the woods after me, something much faster and much stronger. Suddenly my worst fear came true, it happened. I heard it, the sudden shuffling of quick feet breaking through branches and vines, something in a hurry. Another spirit or something far more malevolent rushing to invite me to stay, just a little bit longer, just for one more drink, won’t you stay? I managed to run as fast as I could, never looking back, not wanting to see whatever it was glistening in the moonlight, rushing towards me to insist I stay.
I made it back to my car in one piece, getting in and starting it faster than I thought possible. I tried to bring myself to look back towards the path, towards the shuffling footsteps, but found myself too much of a coward to do it. I sped home in silence, not bothering to turn the radio on or roll the windows down. It didn’t matter, no matter how much sound I tried to listen to, it would all be drowned out by their wales, their cries for me to stay with them. Getting back home, I didn’t sleep at all, I didn’t want to turn the light out to try. I almost started to feel guilt over my experience, despite feeling like harm was wanting to be done to me, their cries weren’t evil, they were sad and terrified. They’re trapped there, in the cold darkness, and I left them, just like everyone else has.
Following my little experience at the quarry, I can’t honestly tell you what was a true supernatural experience and what was simply made up by my own imagination. Maybe It's all bullshit, maybe Lisa and the others are dead and that’s it or maybe it’s all real. I don’t know how to explain, but I feel like I am starting to ask questions that are not my place to answer or ponder, questions meant for beings on a higher plane of existence than myself. I’m only a human, a flesh covered fragile organism, what place do I have to question things out of this realm's rules of rationality? I think the short answer is, I don’t. We all want to ask those types of questions, why are we here? What’s our purpose? Is there an afterlife? All of these are questions that are not ours to answer, and I feel like whenever we as a species or as individuals get too close to trying to answer one or all of them, the universe may grant our wish, but the thing that answers you, may not always be the benevolent god we hope it is, maybe not even the malevolent god we think Satan is, maybe it’s something much more sinister all together.
October 21, 2010
I know I said I was done with this series and I am, I am ready to put Lisa and the quarry to rest, just like the rest of the town has. I’m ready for the crying to stop, the nightmares are becoming more frequent and realistic in tone. Almost every other night it is the same thing, I’m frozen lying in bed, unable to move, but I can hear it. I hear the water dripping off of it and splashing against the floor as it claws its way towards me. Normally I would chalk this up to random sleep paralysis brought on by my obsession, however it is slightly different each night, just enough for me to notice. Each night the dripping gets closer, closer to my bed, the sound of wet bare feet slapping against linoleum as it makes its way over to me, taking its time, because it knows I am not going anywhere and it can enjoy me for as long as it wishes.
But this update is not about my nightmares, no, this update is to let my out of town readers know what has transpired over the last several weeks since my last posting. My prayers and the prayers of many others for Lisa's family seem to have gone unheard in the void, Things have only degraded further and further for them since her passing. Like a devastating plague descending on crops.
Katie was the first to make the news, I had not heard from her since she deleted all of her profiles off the internet. Finally on the 11th of September I saw her, sitting in the back of a squad car. Headline reading, “Local girl suffers psychotic break, murders local dogs.” The story went on to detail how the previous night several neighbors went searching for their dogs, which had gone missing in the days prior. Finally, a few young boys stumbled upon a nude Katie, covered in the blood of animals, frantically slamming her head against a tree, moaning and grunting like an animal. Surrounded by the headless corpses of several animals, when the police attempted to restrain her, she lashed out and bit one on the cheek. This to me was very sad and tragic, I hate seeing such a beautiful girl suffer so greatly mentally. I think the follow up story stated she had been committed involuntarily to the psych ward right outside of town towards Nashville. I was about to dismiss this episode as a simple case of survivor's guilt when one brief detail flashed across the screen. At the crime scene, past the mutilated animals, on a nearby fence, something was written in blood. After zooming in, I was able to see it clearly, “Crying Won’t Stop.” This was more than enough to bring back the dread I had felt at the quarry just a few weeks prior, the quarry claimed another life, but this one in a tragic and unexpected way.
Speaking of lives the quarry has taken, this next and final update is probably the most tragic story to come from that place. Even more than Lisa and Bobby and all the others, the story of a grieving mother unable to cope living in this world without her only child. On the 15th of October Mrs. Silver took her own life, I actually decided to attend this funeral, not only to pay respect, but also just morbid curiosity I suppose if I am being honest. I was able to get some more info about her from talking with several people there.
It seems at some point in the last few weeks, Mrs. Silver’s mental state had deteriorated past the point of no return. A few early morning hikers found her nude body in the fetal position sitting waist deep in the water at the quarry. I learned from an aunt of the family, that the night before, Mrs. Silver went to the quarry, taking with her a handful of Benadryl, enough to keep her unconscious for long enough. It was particularly cold that night, I remember because it was the first real winter night that we had following that hot summer. Mrs. Silver stripped herself nude, leaving her clothes in a nice pile on the shore, before walking out just past the shoreline into a nice little pool created by a small patch of trees. She sat down to where the water was barely past her belly button before taking the Benadryl and resting her head back against a rock. Slowly letting herself drift off into one final dreamless slumber. When the hikers found her, she had been in the below freezing water for more than ten hours, slowly freezing to death in her sleep. Her body looked peaceful, just like she was asleep, ready to wake up and walk off at any point. At the funeral, her suicide note was displayed by her casket for anyone to read, one of her last wishes. From what I remember (Her husband, Mr. Silver, was nearby letting out wails of absolute shattering grief, so I wisely chose not to linger too long) here is part of it:
I can not do it any longer, every night I look out and see her there,
Lisa, in the water. Crying and yelling at me, pointing at the water,
Trying to get me to see what was there. I’ve finally decided to go
And see what it is for myself, something is there terrorizing my baby.
What kind of mother would I be if I didn’t protect my child? That
Responsibility does not end just because she has passed, her spirit is
Still there, in the lake and from what I gather, it is not a happy place.
I can hear them, their cries and wails. Lisa is not the only one, far from it
I thought about walking out with a pocket full of stones, letting myself
Go the same way Lisa did, but upon hearing what’s out there, in the deep
Even when facing death, it makes me terrified. I am too much a coward to
Do it, I will settle with dying close to where Lisa did. Still in the water
I will not lie, I am scared. To see what Lisa sees everyday, what she will continue
To see and experience for all of eternity. But at least we will be terrified together.
Following Mrs. Silver’s death, I have decided that I want as far away from that damn quarry as I possibly can get. I feel nothing but deep pity for the Silver family and all those who have suffered because of that place. It will bother me until the day I die knowing what I know, Lisa is still down there, at the bottom of the quarry, along with her mother and everyone else. The cold, dark void, no air for them to breathe, no freedom for them to see. The town has moved on, as have the rest of the world, but they still suffer, they still cry. Their wails are going unheard except for those who choose to listen. Maybe the quarry really is like a Dreamcatcher, trapping every poor soul that dies there, preventing them from feeling peace, preventing them from getting released from this place. Leaving them to an eternity of drowning, forever sinking deeper into the water as they desperately try to claw their way to the surface.
I plan to move soon, not much longer, as soon as I find a job somewhere far away. The crying hasn’t stopped, I’m not sure if it ever will, now that I have opened myself up to their grief and sorrow. Every time I close my eyes, I can hear them. Please, it’s hard to breathe. We can’t breathe! Won’t you stay? Just a little bit longer. Deeper. Deeper. DEEPER.
Last I checked, Mr. Silver, died long ago. The town has moved on and several more people have joined Lisa down there in the water. I've thought of going back, maybe for closure or maybe to let it finish what it started. Maybe one...I'll return to the depths.
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