no thoughts head empty, just childe wearing heels and having fabulous nails <3

2021.10.25 17:29 DohaLight no thoughts head empty, just childe wearing heels and having fabulous nails <3

no thoughts head empty, just childe wearing heels and having fabulous nails <3
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2021.10.25 17:29 tolegr Outdoor grow room (Questions/Advice[help me make it well])

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2021.10.25 17:29 jaquesplakzak Nerva likes to tug his nose in his tail

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2021.10.25 17:29 KanjixNaoto Computer Status gadget for Windows Sidebar displaying PC details on a Windows Mobile smart phone with Windows SideShow

Windows SideShow is a feature introduced in Windows Vista that enabled an auxiliary display to receive data from an associated machine. One scenario for Windows SideShow is system monitoring.
There are a few applications for Android or iPhone that do this today, but Windows SideShow as a platform enabled devices to display these details before the advent of app stores on competitor platforms, and without installing applications on the phone or client software on the PC — you only need to install a gadget on the PC — in accordance with user preferences and without the concerns that these installations entail. For smart phones, Microsoft released the Windows SideShow for Windows Mobile Developer Preview in 2008, enabling smart phones running Windows Mobile 5.0 or later to be SideShow devices, so Windows Mobile smart phones can monitor connected PCs remotely.
Windows Sidebar gadgets can be extended to Windows SideShow, which allows a gadget on the Windows desktop to display the same information as — and transmit the same information to — SideShow-enabled devices, so long as these gadgets used the Simple Content Format (SCF) for data. The Computer Status (Sidebar) gadget is such a gadget that uses SCF as an endpoint for distribution.
The Computer Status gadget can display processor use, memory use, hard drive storage space, battery life, Wi-Fi signal strength, Recycle Bin use, and system uptime on the Windows Sidebar — and on Windows SideShow-enabled devices including smart phones with Windows Mobile 5.0 or later. The Computer Status (Sidebar) gadget can be shown on the Today screen of Windows Mobile, which provides glanceable information about PC status; CPU usage and RAM usage update in real-time.
Computer Status (Sidebar) gadget for Windows SideShow displaying CPU use and RAM use of a connected Windows Vista PC on a Windows Mobile 6.0 smart phone
The Computer Status (Sidebar) gadget as seen on the Windows Sidebar in Windows Vista
I will post a few screenshots to illustrate the functionality of the gadget, to show the information that the gadget transmits to Windows SideShow-enabled devices.
The Main Menu of Computer Status (Sidebar) shows options to view processor use, memory use, hard drive storage space, battery life, Wi-Fi information, Recycle Bin size, and system uptime
The Processor option of the Computer Status (Sidebar) gadget displays the number of CPUs or CPU cores, percentage of use of each CPU or core, and percentage of total CPU usage
The Memory option of the Computer Status (Sidebar) gadget shows current RAM use as a percentage
The Battery option of the Computer Status (Sidebar) gadget shows the charging status of a battery in the PC, the current charge, and the maximum charge
The Wi-Fi option of the Computer Status (Sidebar) gadget displays the SSID of the connected Wi-Fi network, the strength of the signal as a percentage, and whether the network is secure
The Recycle Bin option of the Computer Status (Sidebar) gadget shows the number of deleted items in the Recycle Bin and the amount of space that is being used by deleted items
The Uptime option of the Computer Status (Sidebar) gadget shows the current system uptime as days, hours, and minutes; in this screenshot the connected PC has been running for 20 hours and 28 minutes
The option to view Recycle Bin information is a function not provided by the similar System Health gadget; however, the System Health gadget — unlike Computer Status (Sidebar) — provides options to remotely log off, restart, put to sleep, or shut down a PC; and Windows Experience Index (WEI) scores.
Developers can optionally extend Windows Sidebar gadgets to Windows SideShow-enabled devices?redirectedfrom=MSDN) with the device independent Simple Content Format (SCF) endpoint, which means the same information available to you on the Windows desktop is also available on all of your SideShow-enabled devices — 'extending the PC experience to devices that are attached to the PC'. For advanced functionality, developers can create SideShow gadgets without tethering them to the Sidebar.
The Computer Status gadget for the Windows Sidebar is another example of the capability of Windows SideShow as a platform, as it transmits connected PC status information — even details such as system uptime — to SideShow-enabled devices, all on a platform released before the advent of app stores and platforms, and which worked on everything from digital photo frames to remote controls.
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2021.10.25 17:29 cavemanthewise Need a Read!

I am beginning my descent into 40k novels, having a blast. I started with Dark Imperium, thought it was okay and the Death Guard were cool. So next I read Lords of Silence which *kicked ass* and then since everyone recommends it, I grabbed Infinite and the Divine and devoured it and am nearing the end and understand now why everyone recommends it. So I guess I'm into chaos/xenos more than space marines but I'm open to anything. No spoilers, but if there's any kind of follow up to Lords of Silence I'd love to hear about it. These are also going to be in audiobook format, if that changes any answers.
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2021.10.25 17:29 cessaddict Money Man + Gunna Type Beat "Vessel" [Trap Type Beat]

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2021.10.25 17:29 throwawayagain0262 Feeling weak and pathetic

I’ve been hearing so many stories about people whose parents were alcoholics, and so they vowed to never drink so as to not ever become like their parents. They turned out to be great people. I, on the other hand, followed my alcoholic parents’ footsteps, and made many of the same (if not worse) decisions as they did. I feel ashamed that I didn’t have the wherewithal to know how to not become like them. It makes me feel like I’m an inherently bad, lazy, and selfish person who actively became the way I did even with knowledge and examples to push me in the other direction. Anybody else feel this way?
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2021.10.25 17:29 HiColeLesterAll The Formation I Pulled From The Plantain Chip Jar

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2021.10.25 17:29 estrock How to get an old sofa out of my apartment and a new sofa in?

I'm looking to get a new sofa and I was wondering how people dealt with this logistical challenge. I need to get the old sofa out, and the new sofa in through the window. I'm also not sure what to do with the old sofa, I know I can leave it on the curb on trash day (and I'll probably plan the delivery window on that day if it's my only option) but if the sofa is in okay condition, is there a place where I could donate it? Any company recommendations for this service?
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2021.10.25 17:29 OMGMySpleen Got some steelbooks made for both games!

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2021.10.25 17:29 LuizToney [Hire Me].Top notch academic writer offering high quality services. Specialize in College/ University essays/dissertations/ research papers and more. Well-versed with most formatting styles:apa, IEEE, nature, Harvard, Chicago and mla. Discord:LuizToney#5010.

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2021.10.25 17:29 JankyIngenue Narc NC Mom sending creepy letters to my six month old

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2021.10.25 17:29 Tyhg1231_YT The duality of man

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2021.10.25 17:29 Hamzah17 What’s her @? IWFTR

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2021.10.25 17:29 KrolPolski Thanks for everything

I just wanted to say thank you to this entire community. I have been in Finland a month now after moving from the USA.
I have asked so many questions, and the kind answers I got from here have made it so much easier for me to be adequately prepared before arrival and to be able to adjust and get settled in Finland.
The internet is full of trolls, and this sub has been a delightfully friendly and positive place.
So thanks to everyone in this community. You made my life better.
I am loving Finland so far.
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2021.10.25 17:29 ghoulsmashrr How do you get the largest pumpkaboo?

Is it a raid or is it in the wild?
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2021.10.25 17:29 aadm_bot Telefonemas falsos em nome da Microsoft

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2021.10.25 17:29 JobSalty7835 What's with people saying codm is dying

What are there points to saying it and are there even slightly believable claims that I've missed , I've seen those people have pubg India and p2w fir- I mean free fire as examples and also combat master as examples but really is codm every gonna die soon, no
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2021.10.25 17:29 ESFbns "Brewing Storms" event

Does anyone know the exact details of the event? I got the normal 75 exp for a bloodbath win and daily missions don't have double battle pass exp, so is the bonus exp in the BR mode??
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2021.10.25 17:29 aiaor A lot of settings?

gsettings list-recursively | wc

The above tells you how many settings your system has. How many does yours have?
It's the first of the 3 numbers output by that. What distro and desktop environment do you have? It would be interesting to compare how many settings each has.
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2021.10.25 17:29 Coolplayer003 In the rare case of solar panels running havoc in your microwave, please contact your local elephant tamer.

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2021.10.25 17:29 Affectionate-Ad6180 [FOR HIRE] Looking for commissions fanart/DnD/furry character design DM

[FOR HIRE] Looking for commissions fanart/DnD/furry character design DM
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2021.10.25 17:29 aadm_bot Tesla Model 3 é o primeiro eléctrico a liderar vendas na Europa

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2021.10.25 17:29 SeanC812 Sign & Notarize

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2021.10.25 17:29 BlueSky1877 How do I save or change my replays from the game?

Hi! I'm on PC and started reviewing my last competitive games to see what happened and how I'm getting beat. Is there a way to save these so I can see more than 10?
Is there also a way to change the color of the nameplates? Sometimes my team is blue and theirs is red but other times the roles reserve and it throws me off while watching a first person point of view.
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