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Can we just Sage the planet

2021.10.25 16:01 ShoshRose Can we just Sage the planet

Please? Sometimes I just get so shit of this shit. The energy is just off. Can we have a redo and sage the planet? Lolol.
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2021.10.25 16:01 johnrock001 Yu Yu Hakusho Filler - Filler Guide for Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho Filler - Filler Guide for Yu Yu Hakusho - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/yu-yu-hakusho-fille
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2021.10.25 16:01 No-Pin9225 🐕HERODOGE LAUNCH TODAY 🌌| 8% Automated DOGE rewards | Website – Stickerpack – Promo videos and active dev team!⚽

🐕HERODOGE had a rocky launch but it’s mooning right now! We just broke all time high as marketing starts to reach out! The community is super friendly and the promo material looks is premium!
🐕Every 60 minutes the contract auto redistributes DOGECOIN ($DOGE) to all holders. You can also trigger the reward by selling 1 HERODOGE to get your DOGECOIN reward instantly!
The Token:
🐕HERODOGE has a total circulation of 1 billion tokens! Come and get your cut!
🐕A max wallet of 3% is implemented. This prevents bigger whales from form but gives buyers the chance to obtain a healthy amount of the total supply! So fancy!
🐕10% fees. Of every transaction 8% features $DOGE redistribution to our holders. These are automated or can be triggered by selling 1 ShinobiDoge. We’ve seen some awesome printscreen of people just getting out their initial and even profiting just from holding.
🐕Next to that there is a 2% marketing fee. We’ve already launched some reddit boosting.
🐕Our telegram is slowly growing into an awesome community, of friendly investors and dedicated holders. Be sure to check it out and join the hype!
🐕The website looks lit and really fits the Shinobi Theme well! Sticker packs are on point and the promotional shill video’s only bring up the premium feel to the next level! Shilling this token is EZ
More Info:
Max Circulation 1,000,000,000
Maximum Tokens per Wallet 3%
6% TAX on transactions distributed as follows;
4% DOGE rewards for holders
2% BNB reflection to marketing wallet
📊 Important Links:
📖Contract: 0x4391E2000837bc2ffcc54FeDe76166953c3A14fB
🥞 Buy Now : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x4391E2000837bc2ffcc54FeDe76166953c3A14fB
🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x4391E2000837bc2ffcc54FeDe76166953c3A14fB#readContract
🔐 Liquidity Lock 1 YEAR🔒 ✅
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2021.10.25 16:01 liftonark $91.99 + free shipping (43% OFF)

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2021.10.25 16:01 frizzcloud Allergen detection/service dogs

Recently, I have seen some information online about service dogs that are able to detect and alert to gluten in food. Asked both my gastro and primary care doctors about it and neither had much input (weren’t familiar with the service this could not provide their opinion). Wondering if anyone has had experiences with this type of service dog and would be willing to share about their experiences? How much does the certification process cost? How effective is the detection? (I’m sure this is may need to be a case by case basis) Is the benefit of having the detection worth the cost of everything? Any issues with landlords/employers since a gluten detection/service dog is not widely known about yet ad suggestions for how you navigated this? I’ll put some links to services in the comments, I’m unable to add to the post.
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2021.10.25 16:01 unknown00ok I'm somewhat of a man myself

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2021.10.25 16:01 crims10 Hummus, tortilla chips, fennel and carrot

Hummus, tortilla chips, fennel and carrot submitted by crims10 to shittyfoodporn [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 16:01 Creepy-Ratio-9845 Those who like feet, how do you like feet what makes feet attractive?

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2021.10.25 16:01 TheTrueBucketman Need help setting up my first game of Battletech with someone that doesn't know how to play, and doesn't play much tabletop anything

Coming this Halloween me and my friend are gonna hang out and play our first game of Battletech, or Mechwarrior depending on how I do it.
We both have played D&D (me as GM) and we both enjoy the wacky character stuff. Feel like he'd enjoy Death From Aboves just seems up his alley.
But anyways, any tips for helping a non-wargamer enjoy a game like this?
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2021.10.25 16:01 ribena_man420 This is Treecko :D

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2021.10.25 16:01 eatabagofbooger Workspaces bugged?

Not sure if this is just an issue on my end or if something went wonky with an update. I'm pretty sure I had a small cosmic update yesterday before this issue occurred, but I can't remember for sure. I know the issue first appeared last night.
I have my workspaces set to "dynamic", which is the default. I make heavy use of workspaces when I'm actually trying to get work done, but not so much when I'm just messing around on the internet and whatnot. I got some work done yesterday afternoon (US), and everything worked fine. Then late last night/early this morning, I only had one workspace. Hitting super+down, which typically moves to the next workspace, did nothing. I was stuck with only one workspace. After messing around for a bit looking for a solution, I found that changing the settings to "fixed number of workspaces", then back to dynamic fixed the issue, but only temporarily. If I restart my computer, I'm back to only one workspace. I first noticed this on my laptop, then on my desktop, which leads me to believe that it is something caused by an update. However, it also seems possible that it is tied to some combination of settings I have on my both of computers.
So is anyone else experiencing this? If so, does anyone have a fix that persists through restarts?
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2021.10.25 16:01 SmallVirusHunter My very first Blender project: A Holostars themed claw machine!

My very first Blender project: A Holostars themed claw machine! Everything was modeled and UV'd in Blender. Textures made in Substance Painter and Photoshop. I hope I can keep improving!
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2021.10.25 16:01 Grand_Management_262 Trading ltbs for robux

(w tax)
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2021.10.25 16:01 smartybrome How to build an eBook from zero that sells

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2021.10.25 16:01 johnrock001 Anime Girl - Cute Anime Girl Characters - Kawaii Anime Girl

Anime Girl - Cute Anime Girl Characters - Kawaii Anime Girl - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/anime-girl/
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2021.10.25 16:01 j33 FOP president warns Council members who fail to repeal vaccine mandate: ‘We are coming for every one of your damn seats’ (The proposed repeal was sent to the Rules Committee to die)

FOP president warns Council members who fail to repeal vaccine mandate: ‘We are coming for every one of your damn seats’ (The proposed repeal was sent to the Rules Committee to die) submitted by j33 to CoronavirusIllinois [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 16:01 TraditionalGoal422 🔥Fair Launch Launching 1 Min Ago❤️SafeFloki 🚀Dynamic Rewards-$120k Dedicated For Marketing📈🌎Huge 1000× Potential

❤️‍🔥 SafeFloki LAUNCH❤️‍🔥
SafeFloki token is a custom tailored reflection token, allowing you the peace of mind to step away from your portfolio. Hedge delivers rewards automatically in a community determined rewards token, such as: BTC, ETH, Cardano, Polygon, BNB, Doge & Much More!
💲 Fair Launch 💲
🏦 Tokenomics 🏦
🏦 7% Transaction Tax
• We buy the dip for you. 8% of every transaction will be redistributed in either ADA, BNB, or MATIC, depending on what our Hedge analysts determine has the most upside potential. Sit back and watch your portfolio grow.
• 4% of every Hedge Token Transaction is added to the locked liquidity pool in order to maintain price stability as the project grows.
🏦 Anti-Whale Feature
• Max sale is locked at .1% of the total supply, preventing large dumps
🌎 Marketing 🌎
🌎 $120k dedicated to Marketing
🌎 22 countries reached
🌎 YouTube & Twitter influencers on board
🏷️ Contract Address: 0x473994bb8018194b6530482b2c6408d951ca5f8a
🍰 Pancakeswap:https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x473994bb8018194b6530482b2c6408d951ca5f8a
🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x473994bb8018194b6530482b2c6408d951ca5f8a#readContract
➡️ LP LOCKED: https://deeplock.io/lock/0xb1c19060c22f6943f50478ed9c02866bdfda005d
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2021.10.25 16:01 sirmclouis V11 trigger is acting up, or else. Different support depending on who takes your case.

I'm the proud owner of a Dyson V11 that I bought less than 2 years ago in Finland. Now we live in Zürich, Switzerland.
The trigger –or else— is acting up on the appliance since after 5' working is starts to work intermittently until it stops working for a while. After I leave it rest for a while, I'm able to start it away, works intermittently and stops after a while.
My best guess is that the problem is on the trigger, or perhaps somewhere else that start to act up with the heat…
Anyhow, I contacted Dyson Swiss support through chat on Friday and they told me that I needed to send the vacuum cleaner and that they could send me a label for a parcel or someone to pick it up. They told me that it could take like 10 to 15 business days to be repaired and there I asked them if there were going to send me any complimentary vacuum cleaner for those 15 days that I was going to be without the appliance and that for us the vacuum was really essential since we have a 2 years old toddler walking around barefoot. They told me that there was no complementary vacuum cleaner and that shipping it was the only option. There I was WTF!! and I told them I needed to talk with my wife regarding this.
Today, after we decided to go for it, specially because the vacuum was working much worse, and that we decided to buy a broom and try to survive without a vacuum cleaner, I contacted Dyson support again also over the chat. For some reason the support was totally different. I don't know if it was different person, but instead of asking me to send the appliance, they told me that they were going to send me a full main body as replacement and a video of how to replace it. That was awesome! We can perhaps still use the vacuum for a couple of days —at least for surviving— until the spare arrives and I change it. Incredible and that's how should have been in the very first place if you can't produce a repair on a really short time.
What I don't understand is why it wasn't like that for the very beginning??? It's also pretty crazy that you get different support depending on the day and/or the person that take your case.
I really don't know how to flair this post. I going to flair as support since it's a support story, but pretty much I don't need support at this moment. Feel free to change the flair if you think it's something else.
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2021.10.25 16:01 Trek_4s AI Winter of the 1980s

Why did the 2000s lead to the end of the AI winter of the 1980s?
How did the approach taken by researchers of AI in the 2000s differ from that of the approach taken by researchers in the 1980s?
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2021.10.25 16:01 Original_Hold_6198 Underrated album🚫🧢

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2021.10.25 16:01 smartybrome Make Money From Home As a Transcriptionist: 10 Opportunities

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2021.10.25 16:01 jlm1218 Have another one today. Located in East Tennessee. The bird is on the right of picture, walking down wall

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2021.10.25 16:01 lormayna Secondo uno studio, alcune aziende cinesi inquinano più di interi stati come Canada o Pakistan

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2021.10.25 16:01 TheyGotMeWithSus Stablecoin farming: diversify or consolidate?

I moved some of my assets into one of the stablecoin pools on openswap awhile ago as a test. Being very pleased with the user experience on oswap so far, I want to move more $ into farming there.
Which is the better strategy - to put more into the same stablecoin pair, or to open up a position in a different stablecoin pair?
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2021.10.25 16:01 smartybrome First Steps Into Public Speaking

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