Why am I pulling a 4g connection in a 5g ultra location?

2021.09.25 20:42 whitecaramelmocha Why am I pulling a 4g connection in a 5g ultra location?

So, I got the calyx tmobile mifi m2000 set up at the house today and I'm seeing disappointing speeds. About 66mbps down, 20 up. Tmobile map says I have 5g ultra service at my location, but mifi is autoconnecting to 4g here, not 5g.
We were in a hotel last night and the speeds were unbelievable... 660mbps down!
Thoughts on what I can do to access the 5g ultra I supposedly have available? I ordered this specifically because tmobile reports 5g ultra availability.
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2021.09.25 20:42 Inopmin Relevant

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2021.09.25 20:42 Butterbro692 Saw this spider today, anyone know what it’s called?

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2021.09.25 20:42 JohnJenkins21 Why is Yoimiya garbage?

Yoimiya was my first 5 star but I really don't know why they made her diluc tier and that makes me sad since she's basically trash & unusable
I really love her in all aspects of her character & am planning to triple crown her soon but she just feels like a walmart amber sometimes
I see ganyu mains everywhere being toxic impolite douchebags & I just feel tired seeing all the shade being thrown around at her
I really do hope ganyu mains stop becoming such insufferable hemmorhoids because their toxicity's basically ruining the game for me
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2021.09.25 20:42 _cinnamoroll Job placement

Hi friends! So I just got hired last Monday for f&b qsr cashier and I was just wondering when will I know which area I’m working in? as of now it just says cr cashier 05 which I’m not too sure what it means. Anyways thank u! 
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2021.09.25 20:42 Electronic-Candle400 Tik Tok di merda

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2021.09.25 20:42 marius_constantin_m Need help

Hello , can somebody help me at boss fight , king Allant . I m struggle with this boss Psn: zenblue13
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2021.09.25 20:42 xtrmnx Hi Guys! Check out our Human emotions.

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2021.09.25 20:42 Tanith_first Skaven themed death guard killteam. Still a WIP. Suggestions for a name of this band of heretics?

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2021.09.25 20:42 Rainbow_violist731 Please be honest

I’m thinking about going to medical school, but the responsibility of handling a patient’s life terrifies me. If I were to choose any medical specialty, I’d probably go for pathology due to my introverted nature and love for math. However, if being a medical pathologist involves too much responsibility, I might go for being an oral pathologist instead, although I’m also not the best at hands on works so I’m not sure if dental school is right for me either. I was even thinking about becoming a neuroscientist, but the responsibility aspect scares me again. Any advice would be great, thanks!
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2021.09.25 20:42 WhatTheHotDogNFT Drop wallet in the original post

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2021.09.25 20:42 XVNull8 u/AppFinderBot what is this widget

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2021.09.25 20:42 edotrockz This taunting rule shit gotta go

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2021.09.25 20:42 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.25 20:42 Unable_Ad_7651 Ileana hot armpit and navel🥵🤤💦

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2021.09.25 20:42 tzaeru Bannerlord Online versus Bannerlord Coop?

I see that there's two campaign mods in making, Bannerlord Online and Bannerlord Coop. I tried to google about it but didn't really find much - I'd be curious to know if anyone has any insight into why there's two different mods and if Coop is supposed to be doing something that Online doesn't?
Currently waiting for one of the campaign co-op mods to stabilize a bit before starting to play with my spouse. Hoping that we can play the campaign in real time with our own parties, doing our own thing, and occasionally helping each other with tough battles etc.
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2021.09.25 20:42 Emil_Zatopek1982 I wish other developers had guts to place their (sandbox) games in places like sweden.

We have seen NY and LA for thousand times and those are fine, but there are other places in the world.
It makes sense for a swedish developer to place it's game to sweden, but still it's rather rare for european game makers to place their products to europe(except WW1 and 2 games) or anywhere else than US.
These "exotic" places(in gaming) can be a strong point to the game and make it stand out from the mass of games based in US. Also US developers could place their games to anywhere in US. It's a huge country, not just those few big cities that we keep seeing in games.
Good and brave work Avalanche. Other developers should follow your lead.
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2021.09.25 20:42 low_budget_trash How have people not caught on?

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2021.09.25 20:42 finnathrowthis Infrastructure Engineer (UK) - Revised Resume

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2021.09.25 20:42 derod777 Should the moderators of u/Christianity, that oversee such an important thread, defend those that are being harassed and mistreated in their thread? Like some stealing their identity in order to attack and harass a person?

This is indeed a post ABOUT CHRISTIANITY so deleting it will be against the rules.
Let us Christians ponder this question.
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2021.09.25 20:42 Kkrup Differnt Size spare tire.

Hi. I let someone stuck on the highway use my spare tire and I never got it back. I'm looking at getting a new wheel and tire and just want something cheap for my toyota camry. The closest thing I found on craigslist to the 205/65/r15 tires I already have on the Camry was a 205/65/r16. Would it be problematic to stick one wheel that's an inch larger on in a pinch. I'm only going to be using it as a spare. Thank you.
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2021.09.25 20:42 tramsta Is anyone else also a huge fan of Peaky Blinders? If so, which PB actor and which Crown actor would you want to see together in a film or show?

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2021.09.25 20:42 VikingQu33n First MINTED NFT that comes with the original painting

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2021.09.25 20:42 h3LLcreator Cortana test print.

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2021.09.25 20:42 Doomrader78 Random builds

Drop random builds below so I can use them
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