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I got 11 outta 24 LL, how much do you have

2021.09.25 21:08 NotsusAlien I got 11 outta 24 LL, how much do you have

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2021.09.25 21:08 Straight_Prize_6237 CarMechanicSimulator help you learn about cars?

Hey, I'm going to tech school for automotive repair and I was just really curious if this game has helped anybody learn how to fix cars. I'm probably going to try the game, but I just wanted to hear what everyone has to say!
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2021.09.25 21:08 GoneToDevNull Brim Financial Referral Code - Get $10 sign up bonus. 19538 - The No-Fee Foreign Exchange Card (Canada)

Sign up with Brim Financial Mastercard and earn unlimited rewards – Get 1% in rewards on every dollar spent. Plus, enjoy 0% foreign transaction fees, no annual fees, no late fees, and complimentary Boingo Wi-Fi. This is the best no fee travel card out there.
The basic card is 1% on everything with 2x the points for Amazon, Spotify, and Netflix purchases. 2% back for all your Amazon purchases is pretty good. However...
...Brim is also currently offering first year free on their 2% World Elite Card. With the 2x multiplier at Amazon, that is 4% cash back! (https://brimfinancial.com/amazon?code=19538)
Use the link below or use the Brim Code 19538 during sign up to get $10 worth of points for free!
Code does not expire and is unlimited. Enjoy
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2021.09.25 21:08 Jack_K1444 How to get tsardom as ruthenia?

Hello, planning on doing a polish game and forming ruthenia, however you only become a tsardom if you were a Russian princapality upon making the decision, can you become a tsardom later by just becoming an empire from 1000 dev? Or is there a way to become a Russian principality first?
btw I’m an elective monarchy, orthodox, and East Slavic culture group if that changes anything
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2021.09.25 21:08 Accurate-Temporary-7 Eww. I posted an inspirational message in the "other" wifedoge group.

This will always be the group.
Anywho... let's see some f**king movement this weekend and break the 4.00-11
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2021.09.25 21:08 Kame64 Don't say --•. Say ••••.

--• is the worst letter in Morse Code. •••• is the best letter.
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2021.09.25 21:08 Rema911 Need help with chemistry styles

Hi I'm kinda new to fifa started 21 in april, and now bought 22. What are the best chemistry styles for Benzema, Eden Hazard, Casemiro, Modric and Chiesa?
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2021.09.25 21:08 Vathanak7 Fu*k MSI & windows why it’s keep roll back my intel graphic driver to older version!!!! Any suggestions?

Device installation settings have been set off. Btw, I can’t access gruop policy cause I’m ruining on windows 10 home.
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2021.09.25 21:08 No-Entrepreneur4779 accont got hacked

my instagram accont got hacked. i stil have controll over the ccount and i have changed the pasword. but the hackes made me follow somwere close to 3000 people how do i fix this without making a new accont
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2021.09.25 21:08 hallelooya Episcopalians on Strike - The Bias Magazine

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2021.09.25 21:08 DAsInDerringer What in the name of all things holy is this sight setup

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2021.09.25 21:08 tommyWANTwingy85 Have you had an attack after removal. (Surgery due to stones) Also what brought on the attack?

View Poll
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2021.09.25 21:08 danno596 Conways verse on grace is one of his best verses ever

Fire fire fire
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2021.09.25 21:08 Hayduke42 40v Chainsaw 14" vs 18" comparison

In the market for a new chainsaw and trying to decide between the 40v 14" (RY40530) at $179 and the 40c 18" (RY40580) at $329. I really could use at least a 16" bar but at nearly double the price I'm curious if getting an extra 4", a battery with an extra Ah and the HP motor are worth it. Has anyone owned or used both to give a solid comparison?
My other thought is to just buy the 14"and swap out the bar from the broken Poulan 18" chainsaw I'm replacing, but I'm not certain how much of a performance hit it would be. Has anyone tried this?
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2021.09.25 21:08 Overall_Career271 Personal Reviews on Black + Blue restaurant ? How was your experience & the food?

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2021.09.25 21:08 Dontgiveup333 Jenny..

I'm sorry but she looked terrible after season 1.I feel like they just let her have her hair like that and she also had those extensions in the later seasons in real life, because she is a rock queen. I'm not trying to talk too negatively about this but im just wiondering. Was that apart of the show or her own style
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2021.09.25 21:08 Bender_Wiggin Villiany.

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2021.09.25 21:08 nicoletteonlyfans I know, I know. I need some work. (F30)momof3

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2021.09.25 21:08 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.25 21:08 quote_emperor cartolina-aforisma-ralph-waldo-emerson-11

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2021.09.25 21:08 Didntkrak Mott Insulator

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2021.09.25 21:08 shlongboy Nice guys of Reddit what was the situation that made you realize that nice guys finish last?

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2021.09.25 21:08 arimal2323 We do not know when we will see each other for the first time

So i have been in a LDR with my GF for about 6.5 months now. We met through instagram and we hit it off really well, she lives in my hometown and i currently live abroad for study/work. i met her when i was about to graduate and i was never planning for a LDR because i knew that VISA issues meant i could not go back home till i get a job after graduation. I have been very unlucky in getting a job and i am still looking for one. My plan initially was to get a job and then after i am set go back to visit her but now i am in a situation where i just have too many uncertainties in when i will get a job and when the job will eventually allow me to take a break to go back home and meet her. We have never met but i feel a real special connection with her. She has been through me in some of my darkest phase in life and she is willing to be patient. My fear is i don't know for how long. She is 19 and i am 22, we are both young and i do not know how much more she can be patient for. I just fear that i might loose her if i cannot go and see her soon. She does give me reassurance but i feel like she has days when she cannot see hope in when we will meet and she tells me that she fears that she will be tired of the distance. I know i do not want to give up on this because she makes me feel happy and i know that she is happy with me too. It is just days like today where i feel gloomy that i might be holding onto something that might not have a future because of our difference in where we are in life. idk i am just so confused at this point, i just wanted to pour my emotions out. i know both of us do not want to give up and we are so happy but sometimes i just fear for the worst.
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2021.09.25 21:08 Amaritudo H: Q/50H/25 Fixer W: Fasnacht Demon Mask

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2021.09.25 21:08 theoneirologist Workout Data not Deleting

Yesterday I erroneously entered some health data for a workout that was for 24 hours. Well as you can imagine, my workout time is like in the 600s. I deleted the workout from health but the data is still showing. Anyone know why it won’t reflect this in the fitness app?
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