Whether a beefcake’s muscle or a beefcake’s dong, remember, nothing sexual!

2021.09.25 21:47 Krmsyn Whether a beefcake’s muscle or a beefcake’s dong, remember, nothing sexual!

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2021.09.25 21:47 arachnesafsdfsd Introducing…TetherBlack🟢⚫️

Making BSC safe once again. Investors will be able to purchase franchises from our radical ecosystem. This ensures more safer projects are running under our the Binance Smart Chain.

Every other project under the TetherBlack ecosystem will have a doxxed dev and have been vetted by us and our partners. Every contract will be made by OUR dev, so we know what the function and features are.

An upcoming ecosystem which will vet and have doxxed dev’s in order to make BSC safe once again.📲

A whitelisted presale will be held on Pinksale on the 6th of October at 20:00 UTC. PCS Launch will happen 24 hours later.🎯

✅ Ability to franchise BSC projects
✅ Tax returns back to TetherBlack
✅Private Sale Completed
✅Doxxed Dev

🔗 Website = http://Tetherblack.com
🔗 Telegram = https://t.me/tetherblack

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2021.09.25 21:47 FCMatt7 Feds at the Laredo Haitian FEMA camp call in 10 local cops to try to force us away.

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2021.09.25 21:47 Sexy_Serratus Strong quad 👍

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2021.09.25 21:47 GPhil01 Co-op NM Act 1 on Xbox anyone?

Just starting NM difficulty. Not looking for a rush (although I won't turn it down), just wondering if anyone wants to begin and make our way through NM difficulty 🙃
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2021.09.25 21:47 Dear_Society_2163 A different bikini pic😋💕💕

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2021.09.25 21:47 idkburneridkidk I'm a bit of a novice and I've never dealt with much of a distance before.

I've never dated anyone before but I met a woman on bumble and we hit it off great. skipped a lot of smalltalk and got to what we're looking for and where we're coming from. Emotionally in terms of what we've been through and what wed like to avoid. both are on the same page.. and now geographically...she lives on the north side of town which is about 45 minutes. I'm fine with that as I'm more of a 'few hours at a time', not 'let's meet for coffee every week' kind for guy anyway. But is it reasonable to assume this will end up putting tension on it to move closer or together too fast?
I don't really want someone to hang out with every day right now and a Saturday a week sounds fine to me. I don't really have much of a social life by choice anyway so it's easy on my end. For now. But I things work out, I fear they soon wouldn't. The distance is actually kind of romantic to me. If she's that great, the drive will just make it more special in my view. But I'm just worried if this sort of thing tends to last or not. Or if it even plays a role besides frequency.
I'm going to give it a shot anyway but I just want some perspective as I have none.
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2021.09.25 21:47 ForMyLAHoes Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family

Episode 3 Mac says “You gotta promise me, if you come back and I don’t, you give my music to the world.”
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2021.09.25 21:47 MugShots DPS Alert

DPS Alert Vehicle Accident-Property Damage N CC 215 and N JONES BLVD; N EB EO 09/25/2021 12:42:15 PM
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2021.09.25 21:47 RLCD-Bot [Octane] [Octane: Dragon Lord] [Black Standard] [Cobalt Dynamo]

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2021.09.25 21:47 Guru_of_Everything What was your favorite DIY project and what made it so enjoyable?

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2021.09.25 21:47 chrisdines1 I see there is a trend for posting toolboxes on here at the minute so I thought I’d post my latest financial mistake too 😂😬 bought it a few months ago now

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2021.09.25 21:47 TheRedTourist Racism was a cornerstone of the British Empire, including Canada. Reparative justice can help to right these wrongs

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2021.09.25 21:47 kweerkoala A weed farm mod for Stardew Valley that I think Natalie would love

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2021.09.25 21:47 Abad_Cal_Gawayam Bad game design. When the developers don't tell you about a mechanic in the game and you discover it when you're almost done with the game.

Once in a while, I'll play a game where I'm almost 80% done with it, then I discover a feature or a mechanic that would've made my life much easier if I had known about it sooner.
I make it a habit to go on beforeiplay.com or look up Youtube videos with titles like "things I wish I knew before I started playing" because many times, there are things the developers leave out of the game tutorials.
And this has been going on forever. It's not just in this generation of gaming. I remember things like this happening, even in the SNES days. Do you guys think it's the developer's responsibility to disclose every mechanic in the game or just leave some things to discovery?
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2021.09.25 21:47 dudeforyou 33 M #Toronto older daddy dom Gomez seeking his (submissive and breedable) Morticia

I’m white, 33 year old, 6', 160 lbs, pansexual and indifferent to your gender or genitals, into femininity and boyishness in people. Into both girls and boys, no preference about genitals, huge preference for good communication than anything physical.
I am an ex military dude with a shaved head and an eastern euro background. I am a homebody, thoroughly enjoy cooking and cuddling up on the couch, talking and listening about passions, and passionate arguments about nothing (is water itself wet?). I enjoyed working out but with all the gyms and pools closed, I've been trying to get into body weight exercise so I don't get into dad bod territory. I am starting to get into digital art and photography as a side hobby, possibly hustle, so maybe you can be my muse. Finally 2/2 shots! (I have recently found out I have some setting issue messed up on mobile, if I check messages, new ones do not show unless I refresh page, it is fine on desktop though, looking into this issue)
With that said I do love to travel, have done most of Europe already, two cities in Japan, but am more than willing to go on photography road trips or check out other cities/places on weekends.
But what am I looking for overall, not just in the sexual sphere?
My god I just want someone to tell me about their day and not just reply with “nm hru?”
I want you to tell me about the good or bad morning you've had at work and how incompetent your boss and coworkers are, while I tell you that you're strong and beautiful and sexy and too smart for that place.
I want to hear the same jokes you make every morning about how you cant function without coffee or this month's flavor of tea. Or in the evenings how you just can’t unwind without a nice glass of wine.
I want to cheer you on when you start a new passion project or celebrate after you nailed that presentation or made new progress in your hobby.
I want to listen to the guilty pleasure songs you play on repeat to get you through the tough days, as well as the upbeat soundtracks you blare when your day couldn't possibly get any better.
I want to cuddle up in pajamas and a blanket while we sip on wine neither of us can pronounce, and bought strictly because of a review or the label.
I want to know your thoughts while we lay awake watching the stars or some silly show/youtube video.
I want to know the depths of what terrifies you, and what widens your eyes in wonder.
I want someone who understands that I order water at a restaurant because pop doesn’t taste good outside of cans or bottles.
I want you to tell me your favorite foods so I can secretly fill up the garbage with my failed attempts, only to surprise you with a masterfully made dish when you get home from one of those long days.
I want someone who can humor the fact that I have short bursts of passion and buys too many things that I don't need.
I want someone that can laugh at the fact that I condemn modern capitalism but still pay for expedited shipping and amazon prime but watch or buy one thing a month.
I want to wrap our bodies around each other under warm blankets while our customized playlist plays softly in the background of a Friday night.
I want someone who will let me bury my head in their arms after I've had a rough day and make sure that I'm OK, because despite being a generally wonderful experience, life can still bring us all down sometimes, and it's OK to be vulnerable.
These days it seems like everyone in the Kink lifestyle skips right to the end, not many people are putting in the time or effort to build the trust and compassion that makes these relationships worth having, But I want to go through the journey more than I want to reach the destination.
This may sound overly sappy and romantic, I am by no means looking for a soul mate or marriage with this post, but equally so not looking for a hookup or one night stand. I really want a connection, not someone to pump orgasms into or out of, although just writing that makes me hot and bothered. I am looking to build a good foundation with this post, what we build is up to discuss.
But just as Gomez loves Morticia, he lusts for her. I want someone I can freely lust after, I feel like Gatsby chasing his image of Daisy :P
I'm really into sensual foreplay like kissing, nipple play, mutual oral, and rimming. That is the bread and butter of the passion and lust I want to express, but also, I have a kinkier side too and I hope we share many things their as well ;)
So without further ado, here is some of the stuff I think would be good to make content of, this list is by no means in stone, feel free to add or remove stuff as you see fit. I want this to be mutually fun more than a business.
If you want:
To be spanked
To be scratched
To be force fingered
To be bitten all over
To be choked
To be squeezed
To be grabbed
To be posed
To be left exposed
To be pulled into pushed into position
To be gagged
To have their hair pulled
To have their nipples and genitals flicked
To have their nipples twisted and bitten
To have their ass fingered and toys inserted
To be bent over my lap while being gaged and be fingered and spanked
To be teased
To be instructed
To be a good boy/girl
To be a bad boy/girl
To be kissed passionately and your lips and tounge bitten
To be pushed against a wall
To please me
To be bent over objects
To be told what to wear
To be edged
To beg
To have me cum down your throat
To be instructed to do things while I watch
For me to play with myself to tease you before letting me taste
To be asked to take photo's of myself
To be fingered in public
To be fucked in public
To be slapped
To be tied up
To be blind folded
To be picked up
To be thrown
To be pinned down
To be taken over
To be commanded
To play doctor and have me inspect your body and push your legs apart and finger you and lick you out as part of treatment
To wear masks and go on chat roulette and have a stranger watch me take you (or have the stranger instruct us).
For us to come up with the ideas
To have this happen spontaneously and as a surprise
I want passion
https://imgur.com/a/OMaSXkA here are some of my toys we can experiment with, hitachi magic want not shown (corded version sorry :P)
What I'd give for a night of total debauchery with you. Come over to my room, dress you up like a sissy hooker before hitting up my closet of adult toys and fill our arms with cheap butt plugs, cherry lube, handcuffs, a cock ring or two, some restraints and a ball gag from China that smells like inexpensive rubber. We'd have to setup some porno while we're at it, 'Anal Angels 16' would do the trick. Throw that shit on the bed and head to the kitchen. Blamo, we're in the kitchen and I'm all over that soft ass of yours. Take a moment to fix you an insanely stiff drink and jam the porno into repeat mode so the entire room is filled with flickering light, bad music, and moaning noises. We dump your overnight bag on the bathroom counter cuz I'd be sending your ass in there to freshen up every couple hours. Offer you some more drinks and bring you to the bedroom
Have you dance for me until that beautiful ass of yours has me hypnotized, like a Haitian zombie, getting up off the squeaky bed and shoving my tongue down your throat, mash my lips into your lipstick, push you down as hard as necessary to get you on your knees. Quick, take another gulp of your vodka and cran baby, now get my dick out, that's why you're here. Dirty little fuck princess gonna get turned out tonight.
One hand on the back of your bobbing head keeping you on that dick. Who knows if you're a good cocksucker or not, doesn't matter, tonight dick is your universe. Throat throat throat, choke sputter and gag. Lick it baby, suck on my balls, yeah! Look up at me with those big mascara'd eyes.
Pull you up by your shoulders and toss you face first into the bed, feet still on the floor, bent over. Not half a second goes by before I'm on you, hand on your sissy joystick/love buzzer beating/rubbing you off like firmly, leaning over your back I'm growling in your ear, "you're turning me on you beautiful bitch, wiggle that ass!" Because my dick is riding shotgun up the crack of your ass next the itty bit of thong. You're moaning about a cum coming on? Break it up, go reapply your lip gloss honey and get me a bucket of ice.
Pouring drinks and checking you out. Drink up baby, get nice and loose so we can get back to the ball draining. (Butt) fucking you on the sofa, you're bent over the back and I'm grinding our pelvises together. There's sticky lube massaged into your tits, your thong is lube soaked and crumpled up next to the TV, lube spilled on the laminated table, your butt is greasier than the floor of a McDonald's. BAM! You're flat on your back on the bed, silky comforter underneath you as your high heeled feet bounce around erratically above your face. Your stupidly tight hole has been stretched open for the last hour. Headboard is THAAP, THAAP, THAAP against the wall, you're moaning is louder and more frantic than the whores getting the same treatment on the TV. I'm cumming so hard up your hole you'll have to wait until morning before you can sit again. Not that your sissy ass is a bad place to dump a load, on the contrary, it's fucking divine! The booty on a two or three hole slut like you is where I'd prefer to drain my balls. You're so needy back there. You offer it up soooo good. Stumble into the cheesy bathroom to clean yourself up while I catch my breath on the bed. Maybe 5 minutes later I walk in right behind you and take a piss while you're leaning your face into the mirror to fix up your eyeliner?
Come back to the bed and make out with me. You're orgasm hungry and I haven't made you cum yet. Filthy bitch, you're so fucking hot all keyed up with horniness, booze, and likely drugs. All that sloppy kissing and tongue sucking while you grind on my thigh. Needy. But you're making my dick hard again aren't you? An ass whore like you has this kind of effect on men. Your ass/pussy is still wet, and I'm rolling you over. The dick ruts into you like last time, halfway one thrust, balls deep the next. Your clapper tightens down so hard you see stars, hopefully you're experienced enough to know it'll get better real soon. Meantime my entire body has you pinned down, fist in your hair pulling your head back so you could howl out loud except for that pesky gag in your mouth. Instead I hear the wet noise of your heavy panting and see a steady stream of drool spilling out of your restrained mouth and onto the bedsheets. Eight firm thrusts later and you're positively anal/pussy crazy again. Humping back onto my swollen cock, getting sweaty all over, piles of bedsheets clenched in your impotent fists. Feels so good, feels so good, fucking Jesus it FEELS SO GOOD! You're orgasming like a depraved sissy, cream is splattering all over the place underneath you and you're grinding into it. Sweat covered belly, sweat covered sex, OH, oh shit! I'm orgasming in your ass/pussy again right now! Fuuuck you, take my throbbing dick! Oh baby I'm cumming hard! Your outfit still clinging to your body, ass bare, 5am and you're room-spin drunk. You've managed to dislodge my softening prick from your pussy/ass and helter skelter tumble to the toilet. You're beyond tired, you're passed out on the floor beside the bed, ass upturned, still in your heels and skirt, one fishnet dislodged down to your knee. Makeup streaked or rubbed off outright. The entire suit stinks like an orgy...
I mean, we could do that, if you're into it, and I hope you are ;) Everything is up for debate, and again, I prefer having that first half before we, advance ;)
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2021.09.25 21:47 itsshenanigans F.U.N. Song in Season of the Lost

F is for friends she'll used to deceive you U's for uncertainty N is for never really knowing what's a lie When you're playing Destiny
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2021.09.25 21:47 env_ironman_talist Who wants to play a word game?

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2021.09.25 21:47 my-eye-candy-account She's Just Hot

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2021.09.25 21:47 Giglipufff With you my dog attacking LA

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2021.09.25 21:47 uncomfortablydumbbb Found some smut

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2021.09.25 21:47 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.25 21:47 Friesbitch Lasses hjerne

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2021.09.25 21:47 Re-dei-cuori 26[M4F] Online - Qualche italiano in cerca di un matrimonio garantito e di realizzare un sogno per qualcuno? 👀🤞🏽

La ricerca continua di quella ragazza italiana continua!
Non ho altro che promesse che presto realizzerò come un viaggio nel loro paese natale all'inizio del prossimo anno! Mi piacerebbe conoscere qualcuno nativo di lì.
Prima avevo paura di impegnarmi a causa di quello che ero prima, ma ora sono una persona con più fiducia che mai. Sto migliorando me stesso in tutti i modi, in termini finanziari e fisici. Faccio del mio meglio per rendere felici gli altri prima di me stesso e ho intenzione di rimanere così. Il mondo è già abbastanza terribile così com'è, sto cercando di aiutare le persone anche se è una alla volta. Allo stesso tempo ho bisogno di qualcuno che mi salvi dalla solitudine.
Le mie cose preferite sono:
-musica (rock, metal e pop) -cani (compagni così grandi che amano così tanto) -videogiochi (o divertimento o cattivo tempo, haha) -pugilato (dare o portare il dolore) - e ascoltare i problemi
Per quanto riguarda il mio aspetto:
-185cm(6'1) -Corpo ingombrante -Capelli neri di media lunghezza -Occhi marroni -Voce forte e rilassante
Ho foto disponibili su richiesta.
Ciao bellas!
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2021.09.25 21:47 pleasedontfollowm3-4 Nikki Alexa Reynen

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